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The following policies applies to 'Cyber Jass Schieber' and 'Cyber Belote' applications.

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Privacy policy:

We consider the hold-up of private data being performed by many actors is a complete shame and totally inappropriate. For this reason, we dearly care about your privacy and we can guarantee you that only the necessary data is accessed.

Our privacy policies are pretty simple:

  1. We store a minimal amount of data for the sake of normal on-line games operations, such as your ip address, your email and some data related the games you've played, in order to compute rankings and achievements.
  2. You can get all the stored data by pressing the 'See my data' button within the application itself, in the on-line options tab.
  3. IOS and Android only: Anonymous data related to the application usage are sent using 'Google Analytics'. The 'Google Analytics' privacy policies can be found here.
  4. IOS and Android only: Assuming the appropriate permissions have been given, your device account data is accessed only when you login to the on-line server, to update your contacts list.
  5. IOS and Android only: We use several advertisers services in order to display banners, interstitials and rewarded ads. Hereafter is the exhaustive list, with the link to the respective privacy disclaimer:

Terms of service:

  1. IOS and Android only: Using 'Cyber Jass Schieber' or 'Cyber Belote' is free of charge, assuming the advertising is displayed in the application, or that the user paid the appropriate subscription for removing the ads.
  2. There is no warranty of any kind, regarding the expected results the application provides.
  3. Though the application is written following usual guidelines and is safe for use, the author declines any responsibility in any damage the application could cause.
  4. The use of 'Cyber Jass Schieber' or 'Cyber Belote' is intended for personal entertainment only, thus is not suitable for any industrial or commercial application.
  5. Any attempt to decompile, duplicate, copy or reproduce this application in any way is forbidden.
  6. Players being proven guilty of cheating, harassing, insulting, misusing the services, using exploits, etc. might see their on-line account being permanently closed without notice.


For any inquiries, please contact us using ''.